5 ways to style the Gucci Marmont belt

If you follow me on instagram you’ll know that I’ve got a slight obsession with Gucci. I just love the new SS18 collection it’s gorgeous. So on my way back from Boston & Vancouver I made a quick pit-stop at the Gucci store and treated myself to the new SS18 Gucci Marmont belt. And it’s gorgeous I’m literally obsessed.

So here’s my unboxing, top tips to consider when buying this belt and a quick video showing 5 ways to style the Gucci Marmont belt.

Style: Leather belt with Double G buckle
Material: Leather
Colour: Black
Belt size: 80
Price: £320
Purchased: Gucci 


Tips for buying

Here are a few reasons why I opted for this style, colour and size.

Colour: Firstly I just love the antiqued brass hardware. I always opt for brass over silver when it comes to black, I always think brass on black stands out and adds more glam.

Buckle Size: The buckle size style I went for was the larger double G buckle. I went for this because I felt like the small one made my waist look bigger then it actually is. I think that the small buckle size is more suitable for super slim body types. For Cuvier body types I felt that the larger double G buckle made me look slimmer.

Belt size: The belt sizes are a little funny to be honest and it depends on where you want to wear the belt. I always prefer to wear mine just above my waist as a lot of my jeans etc are high wasted. But if you prefer to wear low wasited jeans you will need a bigger size and you can always get additional holes punched in so that it fit’s around your waist line. There’s some guidance on the sizes etc at this link Gucci.com 

5 ways to style the Gucci Marmont belt

OK so moving on to wear, the Gucci Marmont belt is super versatile. It come’s with a hefty price tag but can be worn in so many different ways to make sure you get the most wear out of it. Here’s a quick 1 minute video showing 5 ways I style the Gucci Marmont belt.

Overall I definitely think the Gucci Marmont belt is worth the investment.


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