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Hey girls, so back in September I was invited to the Environ counter at Harvey Nichols in Birmingham for a 45-minute Environ skin analysis. I’ve never had a skin analysis before, so I didn’t know what to expect.

It was interesting to learn about my skin in depth, and to understand what the problematic areas were. I guess as women we only ever focus on the top layer of our skin as this is visible, but we struggle to understand what’s going on in the lower levels. so, here’s my experiences and thoughts of the Environ skin analysis and if it’s worth trying.


What happens first

OK, so when I got to Harvey Nichols in Birmingham I met Siobhan who is one of the expert skin analysis advisors at Environ.  She sat me down straight away and conducted a questionnaire about my current skin care routine, this took around 10 – 15 minutes.  The questionnaire gave Siobhan a good idea of what my skin type was and the kind of skin care I was currently using.

After the questionnaire, my skin was analysed in more detail by using the Visia Complexion Analysis machine.

Skin analysis results

This skin analysis machine is great, because it looks at all the problems below the surface that are not visible to us such as, skin damage, hyper pigmentation, de-hydration, wrinkles and blocked pores etc. The machine took one snap shot of my skin and then Siobhan went through each problem area with me in detail. Here’s some examples of the skin analysis results:

Uneven texture

This analysis is showing anywhere where I have uneven texture, which effects the skim from sitting flat.



The next analysis is showing a breakdown of collagen and elastin around my eyes as well as dehydration.


Based on the results, Siobhan then put together a tailored skin care routine for me. The skincare routine that was recommended was designed to help tackle the problematic areas highlighted in my skincare analysis. I was impressed with the detailed skin regime that was put together.


Active Vitamin Facial

After my skin consultation, I was treated to an express active vitamin treatment. This treatment was amazing guys, because it combines the most active forms of vitamin a, c and antioxidants to penetrate deep into the lower layer of the skin. After the facial my skin felt amazing but unfortunately I didn’t get any photos because I wanted to fully relax and enjoy my treatment. However, I’d highly recommend this treatment.

This is priced at £45 and is available to book in store at Harvey Nichols Birmingham.

After my in-store experience

The team at Environ sent out some of the recommend products for me to try. The three main products that were sent out was the Environ skin EssentiA moisturiser, the skincare ultimate pods of beauty and the Environ body profile toning gel.


The skin EssentiA moisturiser is probably my favourite, because it has a combination of vitamins like A, C and E that all contribute towards radiant and healthy-looking skin. After using the moisturiser for 3 weeks I have seen a difference in the texture and appearance of my skin. It’s looking a lot more toned and refreshed.

would I recommend Environ?

Environ Skin Analysis
My in-store experience at the Environ beauty counter at Harvey Nichols, was amazing. I learnt so much about my skin and walked away knowing exactly what my problem areas were. I would highly recommend the skin analysis at Environ for anyone that wants to understand the deeper layers of their skin.

Active Vitamin Facial
The Active Vitamin facial was good, again I felt that my skin looked a lot more refreshed and less dull after having this facial. I liked the fact that the facial penetrates the lower layers of the skin that are not visible to us. The treatment itself was very relaxing.

Environ products
Out of the 3 products that I’ve tested out, I’d recommend the skin EssentiA moisturiser. I’ve seen an improvement in the texture and visibility of my skin since I’ve been using it.

Overall I think that the Environ skin analysis  is a good place to start for anyone who wants to understand their skin in a lot more detail. You can book yourself in for the skin analysis at Harvey Nichols in Birmingham at this link. 


Poonam x 


Disclaimer: Harvey Nichols  PR team invited me to try out the Environ skin analysis, products and facial. But as always views and opinions are 100% my own and are based on testing out the product before I wrote this review. 


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