GlamGlow Gravity Mud Mask

For those of you who read my blog regularly will know that I love trying out new products. And recently I invested in this Glamglow Gravity Mud mask, which is a mud based peel-off firming treatment.  Aside from looking super cool when you’ve got it on, the mask is designed to tighten the appearance of skin leaving it toned and firm. So I put this bad boy to the test to see if it actually works.



Glamglow Gravity Mud Mask

So my skin is combinational which means that it’s normal but gets oily throughout the day. And this mask is designed to suit all skin types. What I loved instantly about this product was that it came with a Glamglow applicator brush. The brush ensures that you get an even application on your face which is great. The mask itself is like a tacky glue texture and has to be applied pretty fast to ensure it doesn’t dry up.



During application

When you apply the mask it’s like a silver white colour, and then changes to a chrome colour once it’s dry and ready to be peeled off. The mask can be left on from 20 to 30 minutes. I left the mask on for 30 minutes which is the maximum recommended time. Make sure you put a generous layer on – it’s easier to peel off once it’s dry.


After application / Results

I have to admit, the results are instant. As soon as I peeled off the mask I saw a difference in my skin. It definitely looked firmer and tighter. It felt quite smooth as well as looking brighter and clear.

It’s almost like all the dead skin cells just lift off the surface of the skin, leaving a fresh and firm appearance.



I love products that work instantly, so I’m totally loving this product. It’s the perfect mask to use before a night out or special occasion to get your skin looking in top form. I have answered some key questions below about the product, but if there’s anything else you girls want to know just comment below.


Price: £39
Buy from: Glamgow UK site
Size: 50g
Leave on for: 20 to 30 minutes
Use: Twice a week
Would I buy it again: Yes
Any offers: Sign up to for free samples with your first order


Poonam x



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  1. Sonam mehmi
    27th May 2017 / 5:23 pm

    This really looks awesome! I need to buy it xxx

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