Is The Chanel 19 Worth It?

I’m a huge fan of Chanel, and since the launch of the Chanel 19 I have been meaning to add this beauty to my collection. I think the Chanel 19 is trendy, edgy and fun, while also incorporating the timeless elements making it the new age classic from the House of Chanel.

Here’s my take on why I think the Chanel 19 is worth the price tag and why I decided to purchase it over the Chanel Classic Flap!

My Chanel 19 handbag details

Size: Small | Material: Lambskin | Colour: Black Gold-Tone, Silver-Tone
Price: £4,210 (Correct as of December 2021)


The Chanel 19 is the relaxed version of the Classic Flap! I love that it’s a soft, slouchier structure which means it liberates movement. The relaxed spacious style makes this bag functional compared to other Chanel bags. It features a slouchy structure, interlocking CC closure with leather and trio of chains made of metal. It’s Chanel’s version of a day to day bag that accommodates every day essentials.


In terms of style I think that the bag is a perfect combination of traditional Chanel style and modern 21st century design. It’s super versatile and can be worn as a cross body bag, over the shoulder or top handle. This was a big plus for me, I love having the option of wearing my bags as a cross body. The Chanel Classic Flap chain is much shorter compared to the Chanel 19 which means that the Chanel 19 is more suited for a cross body bag. I personally prefer to carry my Chanel 19 as a top handle, however I like having the option to wear it as a comfortable cross body bag if needed.


The space in the Chanel 19 is super generous, I can literally carry my every day essentials and more! The space you get inside the bag verses the price is great value for money (in Chanel terms!) For example, the Chanel 19 small has the same space as the large classic flap, however the price difference between the two bags and sizes is more than £2,500. For example, you get more space with the small Chanel 19 priced at £4,210 verses the large Chanel Classic Flap priced at £7,140.

Chanel 19 Internal Space
Chanel 19 What Fits Inside

The other thing to note about the Chanel 19 is that the back pocket runs the entire width of the bag making it suitable for my iPhone 13 pro max. I can even fit a book inside! I love having a large back pocket where I can quickly put my phone away, without having to go inside the bag itself, making it super functional. Although the Chanel Classic Flap also features a back pocket, it’s quite small and not big enough for an iPhone 13 pro max or a book!

Chanel 19 Back Pocket

Material & Durability

If you’re looking for a durable Chanel bag that will stand the test of time, then caviar is your go to. It’s slightly heavier than lambskin, and has a much more scratch- and water-resistant surface, so you can use it every day with confidence. However due to the slouchier style of the Chanel 19 the bag comes in lamb and goat skin, both materials are more prone to scratches. This was a slight negative for me as I would have preferred a more durable material, having said that I haven’t had any issues with scratches etc on my Chanel Wallet on Chain which is also lambskin.

Chanel 19 Lamb Skin

Where to purchase

I have always purchased my Chanel handbags in the Chanel boutiques. In particular I go to the Chanel boutique in Manchester that’s located in Selfridges. I normally contact my personal shopper before hand to make any enquires and check to see if they have the item in stock. The Chanel client services is also a good contact to check availability before making a trip to the boutiques.

I have linked the exact handbag here for anyone that wants to enquire about it.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a day to day Chanel handbag that’s spacious, casual and relaxed then the Chanel 19 wins! However if you’re looking for a Chanel investment bag that you will look to sell on, then the Chanel Classic Flap is a good choice. I personally don’t buy handbags to sell on as I like to have them in my collection, so for me it was a very obvious choice – I purchased the one that offered more functional and practical wear. Having said that, the Chanel 19 is also a great choice for investment purposes, as it holds its value.


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